Malawi Vision 2020

Malawi Vision 2020

Vision Statement

“By the year 2020, Malawi as a God-fearing nation will be secure, democratically mature, environmentally sustainable, self reliant with equal opportunities for and active participation by all, having social services, vibrant cultural and religious values and being a technologically driven middle-income economy.”

Objective of the Vision

The main objective of Malawi’s Vision 2020 is to help the Government, private sector and the people of Malawi to embark on a development path that arises out of the consensus from the NLTPS process. The Vision provides the framework for national development goals and the policies and strategies to achieve them.

Strategic Challenges for Malawi

Based on the discussions held it was agreed that Malawians cannot achieve the proposed Vision unless they successfully make certain achievements. The issues raised were defined under the following sub topics;

  • Good Governance
  • Achieving Economic Growth and Development
  • Achieving a Vibrant Culture
  • Developing Economic Infrastructure
  • Food Security and Nutrition
  • Human Resource Development and Management
  • Achieving Science and Technology-Led Development
  • Fair and Equitable Distribution of Income
  • Natural Resource and Environmental Management

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