Investment opportunities in Malawi

Investment opportunities in Malawi

Malawi has a stable political environment with friendly, kind and well trained hard working English speaking people in a liberalized economy. In Malawi, companies operate and access opportunities without government interference. The country recognizes the importance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in its economic growth and development. The improvement of infrastructure and removal of investment barriers have created immense business opportunities. Investment opportunities include;

Agricultural and Livestock Sector

  • Commercial estate farming
  • Value addition for tobacco, tea, coffee, cotton, chilies, macadamia nuts and beans
  • Production of fruits, vegetables, cassava, maize, cereals and flowers all year round by irrigation
  • Commercial cultivation of cotton through initiatives like contract farming, village adoption, cooperatives and associations
  • Spinning, Weaving and Finishing Mill
  • Cotton Ginning
  • Cotton Growing through Contract Farming
  • Macadamia Nuts Processing
  • Tea Production and Processing
  • Arabica Coffee Production and Processing
  • Modern Soya Bean production and processing
  • Sesame Processing
  • Fruit Processing and Canning Plant
  • Wholesaling and brokerage services
  • Production of poultry products, beef and pork
  • Dairy products
  • Rice production and processing

Energy Sector

  • Hydro power generation
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar power
  • Transport sector
  • Airport infrastructure
  • Railway line

Mining Sector

  • Mining and processing of rubies, sapphires, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Tourmalin, Uranium, strontianite, Phosphate, Iron Sulphides, Gypsum, Coal, Limestone, Basnaesite, Pyroclore, Bauxite, Titanium sands, Kyanite, Graphite and Corundum

Tourism sector


  • Tourism facilities

Fisheries Sector

  • Commercial fish farming
  • Fish feed production
  • Fingerlings harvesting and distribution
  • Fish processing
  • Transport and cold storage facilities

Real estate sector

  • Office complex construction
  • Residential houses
  • Hotels and conference facilities

Forestry Sector

  • Wood Processing

Manufacturing Sector

  • Manufacture of Textiles Accessories
  • Garment Manufacturing
  • Phosphate Fertilizer Manufacturing
  • Rubber products manufacturing
  • Spinning and weaving
  • Sisal sacks
  • Leather processing and footwear production
  • Food and Beverages
  • Paper and paper products
  • Printing and publishing
  • Electrical machinery, apparatus, appliances and supplies
  • Injection molding and plastics
  • Fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Establishment of a gems and jewelry plant
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Glass production and recycling
  • Production of sodium silicate for the soap and detergent industry

Floriculture Sector

  • Cut Flower Production for export



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