Transport in Antananarivo

Antananarivo is the largest city of Madagascar and also its capital. The city’s name ‘Antananarivo’ means “City of the Thousand”. It had a population of about 2.1 million people in 2013. The common means of transport around the city include;
Special hire taxis
Taxis are a common means of transport around Antananarivo. They can be found around public places including hotels. Official and registered taxis are of beige colour. It is generally much easier to take a taxi if you don’t know your destination very well.
The main station of minibuses is at the Avenue de L´Independence in the city. They tend to be fully packed and therefore not so comfortable.
A few large buses offer transport around Antananarivo with the base at Ave de l’Indépendance in the centre of town. They only stop at official bus stops. There are four main bus stations (gares routieres); Eastern (in Ampasampito), Northern (in Amodivona), Southern (in Lalana Pastora Rahajason) and Western (just 400m west of the southern taxi-brousse station). From these bus stations, buses to the respective parts of the country can be picked that is; Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western.
Water transport
There is water transport using small boats and motor boats on Tsiribihina River starting from Antsirabe, about 170 kilometres from Antananarivo.


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