Background and economy

Background and economy


Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island is located in the Indian Ocean about 402 kilometers off the eastern coast of Africa across the Mozambique Channel, just south of the Equator. The nation comprises the island of Madagascar as well as numerous smaller peripheral islands.

Land Area of Madagascar

Agriculture                  440,911 Square kilometers

Forest                          128,520 Square kilometers

Water                          5,501 Square kilometers

National Parks             12,109 Square kilometers

Total Land area        587,041 Square kilometers


Madagascar is divided into six autonomous provinces which are divided into 22 regions. The regions are in turn divided into 111 districts. Districts are then divided into communes.


Madagascar’s highest mountain is Mt. Maromokotro with an impressive 2876 m. It is located in the Tsaratanana Massif region along the Island’s central spine.

Longest River

Betsiboka River is the longest river of Madagascar. It flows for a total of 525 kilometers from north of Tananarive.

National Parks

Madagascar has 17 national parks, the largest being Masoala National Park which covers a total area of 2,400 square kilometers.

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