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Museums in Tripoli

Museums in Tripoli

Tripoli has three major museums situated in the city. The museums act as cultural attractions to the country. They include;

Saraya Museum

Old City

Tripoli, Libya

Tel: +218 21-3330292

The museum houses some of the best of Libya’s archaeological and historical heritage, including a spectacular collection of   Neolithic, prehistoric and Turkish treasures that is marble and stone statues.

Janzour Museum

Located in Janzur, Libya

Tripoli, Libya

Tel: +218 92-6508228

The museum is unique among all Libyan museums, as some parts of the museum are actually built around the tombs themselves without moving them from their original place.

Jamahiriya Museum

Green Square

Tripoli, Libya

Tel: +218 (21) 3407878

Jamahiriya Museum, also known as the Red Castle Museum is situated in the heart of Tripoli and is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting the city. It attracts tourists from around the world keen to learn more about the history of the country