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Natural resources of Libya

Natural resources of Libya

Libya is known to be an oil rich country. It also has other resources as shown below.

Other mineral resources

  • Natural gas
  • Gypsum

Wild animals

Wild animals in Libya include Sahara oryx, Addra gazelle, Dorcas gazelle, Rhim gazelle, Addax, Common hartebeest, Wild boar, Aoudad, Asiatic jackal, Arctic wolf, African caracal, African lion, Leopard, Wild cat, African sand fox, Cross fox, Striped hyaena, Cheetah, Fennec fox, Egyptian mongoose, Saharan striped polecat, Common genet and Mediterranean monk seal. There are seven national parks that include; Abughilan, El Kauf, Karabolli, Kouf, Naggaza, Rajma and Sirman.

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