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Transport system in Tripoli

Transport system in Tripoli

Tripoli is the largest city and the capital city of Libya located in the northwestern part of the country. The city has a population of about 2.2 million people. Within Tripoli, most of the roads are paved but some of them are in need of a major overhaul and constantly in need of repair. Road signs are majorly in Arabic. The transport system in Tripoli includes the means below.

Shared taxis

The yellow and white “shared” taxi is the most common way to get around Tripoli. Its capacity is 6 or 7passengers. They can be picked up at traditional bus stops but you have to shout out your destination as the driver slows down. Shared taxis operate from the centre of the capital to most of the other areas in the capital. During the previous regime it was not possible for tourists to travel alone using public transport, but now the restriction has been lifted, and all travelers can use public transport.

Special hire taxis

These are black and white and can be flagged down in most areas of the city. Ensure that you confirm the fare before beginning your journey. A special hire taxi can carry 3 or 4 passengers.


Minibuses travel from one area to another and stop at designated stops. They are generally the crowded, loud and slow.


There are buses for long-distance travels outside the city. They depart from the area near Tunis Garage at the western end of Sharia al-Rashid or Dahra Bus Station. Dahra Bus Station is about 1.5 kilometres east of the city centre. Some of the buses go to Tunisia, Beirut, Argos, Patra, Kalamata, Leonidio and Astros.

Air transport

34 kilometressouth of Tripoli is located Tripoli International Airport in the town of Ben Ghashir. It is the largest airport in Libya serving over 3 million passengers every year.The airport has 13 airlines serving Africa, the Middle East and Europe. A smaller airport known as MitigaInternationalAirportislocated about 8 kilometres east of Tripoli’s city center.

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