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Libya Background and Geography

Libya Background and Geography

Libya is a country in North African country, which shares a border with the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt and Sudan to the east, Niger, Chad and Sudan to the south, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west. Libya is literally covered by the Sahara Desert. The only exception is the narrow 1,200 mile coastline bordering the Mediterranean Sea, where almost 80% of its population resides.

Land Area of Libya

Agriculture                  155,543 Square kilometers

Forest                          2170 Square kilometers

Water                          0 Square kilometers

National Parks           20,762 Square kilometers

Desert                         1,583,586 Square kilometers

Total Land area        1 759 540 Square kilometers


Libya is organized administratively into 22 districts. Kufra is the largest district covering an area of 483,510 km2.


Bikku Bitti, also known as Bette Peak, is the highest mountain in Libya at 2,266 metres. It is located on the Dohone spur of the Tibesti Mountains in southern Libya, near the Chadian border.

Longest River

Libya’s only large and reliable river is a pipeline. Great Man-Made River (GMR) is a well field that mines drinking and irrigation water from non-rechargeable aquifers that underlay much of North Africa. The largest GMR aquifer is the 6,500-foot-deep Kufra Basin on the Egyptian border, with a total of 83,969 cubic miles, of which 4,798 cubic miles are in Libya.

National Parks

Libya has 7 National parks with El Kauf National Park as the largest. It covers an area of 320 square kilometers.

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