Tourism in Liberia

Tourism in Liberia

Liberia has been unable to benefit much from travel and tourism due to the residual effects of the 14-year civil war that ravaged the country between 1989 and 2003. However, with peace and stability now reigning, the government has been taking steps to rebuild this important industry. Main focus is being put on infrastructural development. Liberia has great potential to become a competitive international travel and tourism destination.

Liberia has many beautiful beaches, expansive tropical forest reserves, plant and wildlife diversity, access to deep sea fishing, and a friendly population that is welcoming to foreign guests.

Regulatory framework

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism

The ministry is responsible for policy, program, research, statistical review and formulation of tourism development planning. Its principal task is to coordinate and execute tourism development programs, monitor the effectiveness of incentives provided by government, promote and facilitate the development of the tourism industry.

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