National Investment Commission Liberia (NIC)

National Investment Commission Liberia (NIC)

NIC Located on 12th Street, Sinkor, Chesseman Avenue, Monrovia, Liberia


Tel: +231 (0) 770-468378

The National Investment Commission (NIC) is the Investment Promotion Agency of Liberia established by an Act of Legislature on September 6, 1979. The NIC’s current mandate is to promote Liberia’s many investment opportunities, attract and support the growth of value-adding foreign direct investments (FDIs) and advocate for and strengthen the domestic private sector.


The NIC’s Role

  • The NIC is a member of the Liberia Better Business Forum, which works to create an investment environment that makes it easy and predictable to do business in Liberia.
  • The NIC chair’s the Inter-Ministerial Concessions Committee (IMCC), which includes permanent committee members from the Ministries of State, Finance, Justice, and Planning and Economic Affairs, as well as other key stakeholder ministries and agencies.
  • The NIC is also chair of the Commissioner’s meeting which approves investment incentive contracts above USD 10 million.