Monrovia City

Monrovia City

Monrovia is the capital city of Liberia and also its most populated city. It’s located a peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mesurado River. The city is a major port and is almost completely surrounded by the St. Paul River.

History of Monrovia

Monrovia is named after US President James Monroe, who was in favor of re-settling freed African-American slaves. The city was founded in 1822. It was founded by the American Colonization Society as a haven for freed slaves from the United States and the British West Indies. In 1845, Monrovia was the site of the constitutional convention held by the American Colonization Society. The city’s economy revolves around its harbor, which was substantially improved by U.S. forces under lend-lease during World War II. In 1948 the first port capable of handling oceangoing vessels was opened; there are now several ports, including a free port. Unfortunately this came to a dead halt in 1980, when Samuel Doe led a military coup and Liberia was caught in two consecutive civil wars, infamous for their destructive violence. Today, Monrovia is at peace again.


Monrovia has a population of about 882,000 people.

Mayor of Monrovia

Mary Tanyonoh Broh is the current mayor of Monrovia.

Attractions in Monrovia

  • Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
  • Liberian National Museum
  • Liberia’s Centennial Pavilion
  • Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls
  • Providence Island
  • Gertylue Floral Park
  • The Kendeja Cultural Center