Liberia Profile

Liberia Profile


Liberia officially known as the Republic of Liberia is found on the West African coast. It is bordered by Sierra Leone to its west, Guinea to its north and Ivory Coast to its east.


Liberia has a total land area of 111,369 square kilometers of which 96,320 square kilometers are land cover and 15,049 square kilometers are water cover. It has a coastlineof 579 kilometers.


Liberia has a population ofabout 4 million people.


The climate of Liberia is mostly tropical and humid. The temperatures range between 27° C and 36° C. On the coast the heat is tempered by an almost constant breeze.


Liberia is a low income country heavily reliant on foreign assistance for revenue. Richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture, Liberia had been a producer and exporter of basic products, primarily raw timber and rubber and is reviving those sectors. The country reached its Heavily Indebted Poor Countries initiative completion point in 2010, and nearly $5 billion of international debt was permanently eliminated. The country has achieved high growth during 2010-12 due to favorable world prices for its commodities.

Official language

The official language of Liberia is English.

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