Top tourist attractions in Liberia

Top tourist attractions in Liberia

Kendeja National Cultural Centre

Kandeja National Cultural Centre is located along the Atlantic Ocean. It was established in 1964 and is displays all aspects of tribal life, customs and traditions of Liberia..


Buchanan is the coastal town situated within 141 km from Monrovia with one of the largest port for the 250 km railway that brings iron ore from the mines at Yekepa and Nimba Count. Its buildings are reminiscent of the industrial era. Buchanan has several iron ore mines


Situated north of Liberia within 334 km from Monrovia, it is known to be the home of Lamco, an operational iron mining company. Its major attraction however is Guesthouse Hill, the country’s highest point.


This is a mining town in Liberia located within 352 km from Monrovia, but its buildings are the most interesting sights here. Structures build between the late 1800s and early 1900s can be seen lined up along roads and a museum showcasing remnants of early mines.

Paynesville Omega Transmitter

Located within east of Monrovia, with the tallest buildings in Liberia standing at 417 meters tall. It is also known for the Red light Market commercial district, one of the largest market areas in Liberia.


Monrovia is the capital city of Liberia sprawling on the coast divided by inlets, lagoons and rocky headlands. The city has several nightclubs, restaurants and bars, centred on the area around Gurley Street with several good sandy beaches near the capital.


Harper is a coastal town situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Hoffman River. The area has magnificent unexploited beaches that stretch for miles on both sides of Harper and warm ocean temperature year round with fish as well as whales, dolphins and large oysters

Firestone Plantation

Firestone Plantation is situated within 33 km from Mornrovia; Liberia is now home to the world’s largest single natural rubber operation. Firestone operates on a much smaller area of land with close to 8 million rubber trees planted on 200 square miles at its Harbel location.

Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park is Liberia’s largest protected area of rainforest and its only national park, covering an area of 1,308 km² (505 sq mi). Animal species include the African Civet, Giant Forest Hog, Great Blue Turaco and White Necked Rockfowl.

Liberian National Museum

Liberian National Museum is found in Monrovia and it features galleries on each of its three floors. The first floor offers historical objects, papers and private documents from Liberian executives. The second floor features archaeological artifacts. The third floor offers contemporary artworks and travelling exhibitions.


Lake Piso

Lake Piso is located within 80km from Monrovia. This is fisherman’s Lake on tidal lagoon in Grand Cape Mount County in western Liberia, near the town of Robert sport covering 103 km² making it the largest lake in Liberia. The lake has an open connection to the Atlantic Ocean.

Africa Mia

Africa Mia is situated within 31 km from Monrovia with Costa Rica’s indigenous wildlife.  The reserve is divided into three sections: the outer savannah, inner savannah and El Salto Waterfall. The outer savannah is reserved as an adaptation area for new arrivals, while the inner savannah houses the reserve’s long-term residents

Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls

Kpa Tawe Waterfalls located approximately 240 km from Monrovia at Kapatawee, Bong County. The falls are best for viewing.

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