Investment opportunities in Liberia

Investment opportunities in Liberia

Liberia has got various wide investment potential for investment in the country more especially in the financial services, real estate and construction, agribusiness, mining especially reserves of iron ore, gold and diamonds, tourism and oil sector.

Agriculture Sector

  • Production of tires and tubes
  • Production of inflatable rubber products, automotive and other molded rubber parts
  • Manufacture of cosmetics, detergents, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Establish coffee plant
  • Pest and disease control
  • Extension services
  • Cold storage
  • Transport and marketing
  • Training and capacity building


Fisheries sub sector

  • Freezers
  • Cold storage units
  • Processing plants to export to the world markets
  • Fishing vessels


  • Conducting large-scale gold exploration


  • Downstream processing of wood products, especially for furniture making
  • Log exports


  • Processing equipments
  • Manufacture of juices, jams and jellies
  • Manufacture of tires and tubes, inflatable’s, sporting goods, and surgical products
  • Value addition in forestry products

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Encouraging ecotourism in order to see unspoiled beauty
  • Building hotels
  • Providing domestic air transport and rehabilitating domestic airports
  • Creating beach resorts
  • Providing hospitality training

Energy and Gas

  • Generate energy from jatropha, sugar and oil palm
  • Establish a reliable power grid for the region
  • Producing oil as well

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