Tourist Attractions in Lesotho

Tourist Attractions in Lesotho

Royal Archives, Museum and Information Centre

This is located within Maseru in Matsieng Royal village. It houses pre-colonial and post-colonial records (paper-based, digital and electronic) relating to Chieftainship in Lesotho, published books for library users as well as cultural objects kept in the museum which have a bearing on the Royal family.

Sehlabathebe National Park

Sehlabathebe National Park is situated within 299 km from Maseru and this is the national designated nature reserve of Lesotho covering an area of 6 500 hectares.The park is ideal for hiking, bird-watching and contains unusual rock formations and alpine flora.

Maletsunyane Waterfalls

Located within 220 km from Maseru, Maletsuyane is the highest single dropping waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere falling at 186 metres into a spectacular gorge creating clouds of spray visible from afar distance.  This area is good for adventure day trips with a swimmable pool.

Thaba Bosiu Mountain

Thaba Bosiu is a sandstone plateau with an area of approximately 2 km² and a height of 1,804 meters above sea level. It is located between the Orange and Caledon Rivers in the Maseru District of Lesotho, 24 km east of the country’s Maseru. It is known for the natural fortress and summit surrounded by a belt of perpendicular cliffs.

Tse’hlanyane National Park

Tse’hlanyane National Park is located deep in the front range of the Maluti Mountains within 181 km from Maseru. Over 5600 hectares of extremely rugged mountains terrain is protected indigenous types of woodland in Lesotho. The park is reached by a 32 km-gravel access road that leaves the main A1 route 8 km south of Butha Buthe.

Katse Dam and Botanical Gardens

Katse Botanical Garden is located within Maseru, in a few kilometres from the Katse Dam Lodge. The garden was created to accommodate the rescued plants and provide a unique natural and semi-natural setting to expose a wider audience to the floristic beauty of the indigenous plants of Lesotho.

Sani Pass and the Highest pub in Africa

The Sani Pass is the highest pub in Africa standing at 2873 meters above sea level. The Pub is situated at the top of the Sani Pass, a steep 4×4 trail with 27 corners with a remarkable area for driving, hiking or mountain biking while enjoying sprawling views of the Drakensburg Mountains.

Kome Cave Dwellings

Situated in 60 km from Maseru are remarkable village where cave dwellings have been carved and built under towering sandstone making it a National Heritage Site where visitors can learn about the rich history and culture of people from Lesotho.

Dinosaur Footprints

Lesotho is known for having the largest concentration of dinosaur footprints in the world situated in Morija, Subeng Stream within 180 km from Maseru. Dinosaur footprints are mainly found in the sandstone areas in the lowlands which make Lesotho a favourite place for both archaeologists and palaeontologists.

Rock Art

Lesotho has hundreds of fine examples of Bushman Rock Art found within 35 km from Maseru. Throughout the region, the San people painted the rocks with many of the pictures have important historical information on them depicting traditions, hunting methods. For instance paintings of animals such as leopard, lion and eland, as well as blue crane

Liphofung Cave and Cultural Site

The Liphofung cave occupies an important place in Lesotho history. The cave is in fact a large sandstone overhang, which is a typical feature of the Lesotho lowlands region. This site lies in a tributary stream valley of the Hololo River just off the main route from Butha Buthe to Oxbow and Mokhotlong.

Maletsunyane falls

Located within 119 km from Maseru standing at height of 200m high waterfall and is one of the most fascinating waters among the duo and with its white foamy water that enhances the beauty of the surroundings making it a place of smoke.

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