Investment Opportunities in Lesotho

Investment Opportunities in Lesotho

Lesotho provides the potential investor with access to a market within an enabling environment of political stability and attractive investor incentives. The country has got potential for investment in textile and clothing industry, tourism and agriculture sector.

Textile and Garment Sector

  • Manufacture finishing accessories including zips and buttons
  • Packaging materials
  • Packaging products for the local and export markets


  • Clay processing
  • Manufactures face bricks


Health Sector

  • Manufacture of disposable syringes for immunization
  • Manufacture of latex condoms


  • Accommodation Facilities and Resort Developments
  • Boating Excursions on Dams and Canoeing
  • Establishment of Recreational facilities
  • High altitude sports training facilities
  • Setting up hotels
  • Food processing


  • Leather & footwear
  • Water bottling
  • Plastic products

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