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Towns and Cities of Kenya

Towns and Cities of Kenya

Kenya is one of Africa’s most rapidly urbanizing countries, with a population base of 43 million, with a growth rate of 2.444 percent and urbanization rate of 22.9% of the total population.

It is estimated that 24% of Kenyans live in urban areas as of 2011.

The population is expected to by about 1 million people per year, 3,000 people every day and reaching about 75 million by 2040.

Kenya has one capital city being Nairobi city, Mombasa city being the oldest city and Kisumu the third largest city in Kenya and over 68 small to medium size towns.

The capital Nairobi City is under the administration of Nairobi City Council and towns are administered by local government and the relevant town council authorities.

Towns and Cities of Kenya have been summarized to include the following

Towns and Cities of Kenya
Kericho Town
Kiambu Town
Kisumu Town
Kitale Town
Mombasa City
Nairobi City
Nakuru Town
Nyeri Town
Thika Town