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Thika Town

Thika Town

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Thika Town is located along Thika River in north east of Nairobi City. The elevation of Thika is 1420 m to 1550 m above sea level and its location is at 13’0.000″S 374’59.880″E. Thika Town is 39km away from Nairobi City and 440km away from Mombasa City . The town covers an area of 217.6 km2.


There are two explanations for the name Thika. One has its origin in the Kikuyu word “guthika,” meaning “to bury”. During a great drought, the Maasai and Kikuyu desperately fought a bloody battle for River Thika and River Chania. The dead warriors were supposedly buried at a mound, near Blue Posts Hotel in Thika. The other explanation comes from the Maasai word “sika,” meaning “rubbing something off an edge”. Thika was given town status in 1924 and elevated to a second class municipality at Kenya’s independence.


As at 2009 Kenya census, the population of Thika was 136,917 people.


Thika Town has a well-maintained road network which connects to neighboring towns and the rest of the country. Buses, minibuses and bicycle taxis are the common mode of transport. Thika Town is also served by a railway transport.


Thika Town lies in the county of Kiambu with William Kabogo as the Governor.

Fourteen falls

The spectacular view of the fourteen falls located less than 15 Km from Thika Town along the Thika-Garissa Highway on the broad section of the famous Athi River is extraordinary. The name originates from the 14 successive falls filled with thousands of litres of water that make up the Athi River. The experience is unforgettable because of the loud thundering sound of the fast flowing water which pounds more than 25 meters into the large pool at the base of the fall.

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