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Road Transport in Kenya

Road Transport in Kenya

Road transport is the predominant mode of transport and carries about 93% of all cargo and passenger traffic in the country.

The other modes of transport constitute important elements of the whole transport system in Kenya despite the road mode of transport being dominant. The road network gives overall connectivity both along the main national and international highways and in access to individual towns, villages, workplaces and homesteads throughout the country.

Transport Infrastructure:

Kenya has a road network of about 177,800 km out of which only 63,575 km is classified. It is estimated that about 70% (44,100 km) of the classified road network is in good condition and is maintainable while the remaining 30% (18,900 km) requires rehabilitation or reconstruction.

All major roads in the network of some 60,000 km are paved. Railway lines link Nairobi with the main port, Mombasa, and there are branch lines to Kisumu on Lake Victoria in the west and Taveta on the Tanzanian border in the south. The major airports are Jomo Kenyatta International (Nairobi) and Moi International (Mombasa). The port of Mombasa also serves Kenya’s neighbours: Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Infrastructure managers in the sector include Kenya Airports Authority, Kenya Railways Corporation and Kenya Ports Authority.

Road transport in Kenya consists of the following;