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Pipeline Transport

Pipeline Transport

Pipeline transport originally comprising 450 km from Mombasa to Nairobi, was commissioned in 1978. It was intended to reduce road deterioration on the Kenyan section of the Northern Corridor as a complementary mode of transport for transporting petroleum products within Kenya. The westward extension of the pipeline to Kisumu and Eldoret in the early 1990s considerably reduced the need for heavy oil tankers to collect fuel from Mombasa or Nairobi to Uganda and other neighbouring countries.

Kenya Pipeline Co. Ltd

Pipeline transport in Kenya is managed as a parastatal by the Kenya Pipeline Co. Ltd (KPC)

The pipeline’s interface with other transport modes such as roads, rail and marine transport, need to be examined with a view to enhancing cargo security and safety, and minimizing incidents of revenue loss through cargo diversion.

At the regional level, a decision has already been made to extend the pipeline to Kampala. In addition to this the viability of extending the pipeline to Rwanda and Northern Tanzania is being considered. In this regard, economic and commercial implications of the mooted extension of the pipeline need to be examined, along with environmental issues.