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Nyeri Town

Nyeri Town

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Nyeri is situated within a valley in Central Highlands of Kenya. It has Mt. Kenya on its Eastern side and the Abadare Mountains to its west. In addition to the mountains, there are other smaller hills in the surrounding areas. It is 5,500 feet above the sea level and lies on 0° 25 S 37° E. Nyeri is located about 162 km from Nairobi and 504 km from Mombasa. Nyeri is home to Nyeri Airport which 6.5 km northeast of its town. Nyeri Municipality covers an area of 200sq. km


The area where Nyeri Town stands was a large part of an uninhabited forested area. The town began from military activity from 1902 to 1905. A fort was built there surrounded by a deep defensive ditch (“Mukaro” in Kikuyu) leading to the present name of the central area of Nyeri Town. On 15th May 1911, Nyeri was gazetted as a Township and established in 1913. In 1933, Nyeri was made the capital of the then Central province. After boundary changes in the Kenya colony, Nyeri Town became the capital of the Kikuyu province in 1934. In June 1954, the Nyeri Urban District Council was created. In 1963 however, the Urban Council assumed a representative nature with election of councilors. Nyeri Town fully became a municipality in May 1971


According to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census Nyeri population had 119,353 people. The current population is estimated at 150,000.


Nyeri has a well-maintained tarmac road network within town which also connects to neighboring towns. It also has railway, Nyeri Airport, an airstrip at Mweiga and an airstrip at Nyaribo. Minibuses and saloon car taxis are the common mode of public transport within and out of Nyeri.


Nyeri Municipal Council is one of the four local authorities of Nyeri County. Nderitu Gachagua is the Governor of Nyeri County.

Lord Baden Powel of Gilwell

Nyeri Town is the burial place of Lord Baden Powel of Gilwell, the founder of the worldwide fraternity of the scout movement. He and his wife Lady Olive Powell were buried in the same grave in Pax tu cottage now a small museum that stands at the grounds of Outspan Hotel.

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