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Kitale Town

Kitale Town

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Kitale in the Rift Valley is an agricultural town in western Kenya situated between Mount Elgon and the Cherangani Hills. Kitale is located at N 1° 0′ 56” E 35° 0′ 22”, an elevation of around 1,897 m. It is 62 km from Eldoret, 326 km from Nairobi and 766 km from Mombasa. Kitale is about 12 km away from Mt. Elgon National Park, and Saiwa Swamp National Park is also nearby.


The town was founded in 1908 by white settlers. Kitale originally called “Quitale,” started as a relay station on the slave route between Uganda and Tanzania. Slaves were quartered at what is now the Kitale Club. The present town was founded in 1920.


According Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Kitale had a population of 106,187 people in 2009


Transport in Kitale Town includes air transport through Kitale Airport, road and railway. There are buses, minibuses and bicycle taxis.

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