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Kisumu City

Kisumu City

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Kisumu is the third largest City in Kenya and a port city at the shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya. It is located on 0⁰06’09.80”S and 34⁰45’20.16”E and covers an area of approximately 417 Km², of which 297 Km² is dry land and approximately 120 Km² under water. Kisumu is 265 km from Nairobi, 701 km from Mombasa and 247.08 km from Kampala


Kisumu was first identified by the British explorers in early 1898 as an alternative railway terminus and port for the Uganda railway, then under construction. The port was founded in 1901 and named Port Florence for one year then changed to Kisumu. Kisumu literally means a place of barter trade “sumo”. On December 20th 2001 Kisumu Town was granted city status.


Kisumu County had a population of 968,909 people in 2009 according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.


Kisumu is linked by a good road network, Kisumu Airport, Lake Victoria ferries and railway to other places in Kenya and the neighboring countries. Minibuses, taxis   and bicycles are used for travel within Kisumu City.


Kisumu County is divided into 7 sub counties;

  • Kisumu East
  • Kisumu West
  • Kisumu Central
  • Seme
  • Nyando
  • Muhoroni
  • Nyakach

Mr. Jack Ranguma is the governor of Kisumu County and sub counties are headed by a district officer.

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