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Kericho Town

Kericho Town

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Kericho Town is located in South West part of the Kenya within the highlands west of The Great Rift Valley. It is the capital town of Kericho County. It is located at 022’0.001″S, 3516’59.880″E and about 2 096 m above sea level. Kericho is about 250 km from Nairobi City and 636.28 km from Mombasa City.


The origin of the town’s name is not clear. One theory is that it was home to the region’s first public hospital, built by the British at the dawn of the 20th century. Medicine in the local Kipsigis language is referred to as “Kerichek”. The second theory is that the settlers called it “Kericho” instead of the Kipsigis word “Kericheek”. Another school of thought states that the town was originally home of a medicine man named Kipkerich while another theory says the town was named after a Maasai Chief, Ole Kericho, who was killed during the 18th century by the Abagusii. Perhaps the last theory is that Kericho was named after an English tea planter John Kerich.


The population of Kericho Town as of 2009 was 150,000 people.


Kericho Town is well served with road, air, and railway means of transport. Buses, minibuses and taxis connect Kericho Town to the rest of the country. Kerenga Aerodrome and Marinyin Airstrips are 6 km and 10km respectively away from Kericho Town.


Kericho Town is the capital of Kericho County with the following 15 divisions;

  • Belgut
  • Kabianga
  • Sigowet
  • Ainamoi
  • Soin
  • Chilchila
  • Soget
  • Kunyak
  • Chepseon
  • Kamasian
  • Londiani
  • Kipkelion
  • Roret
  • Cheborge
  • Buret

Kericho County is headed by Governor, Paul Chepkwony.

The tea capital of Kenya and Africa

Kericho Town is the capital of Kericho County which is the home of the best of world famous Kenyan Tea known for its brightness, attractive color, brisk flavor and textures of fragrant leaves. Some of the largest tea companies including Unilever Kenya, James Finlay and Williamson tea are based here. The popular Ketepa brand is also based in Kericho.

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