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Kenya Sectors

Kenya Sectors

Kenya the “Cradle of Mankind” is blessed with natural resources including water resources, fertile soils, reliable climate, minerals resources and plenty of wildlife among other things.

As East Africa’s largest economy, Kenya has proven its potential and has seen its economy grow by more than 4% for the last three years, according to data from the World Bank.

The Kenya Vision 2030 development plan identifies tourism, agriculture, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, IT services and financial services as strategic sectors for development. The plan also outlines key infrastructure projects including reinforcement of the country’s electrical system, port improvements, expansion of the road network, airport rehabilitation and railway construction. Recent discoveries, including the identification of a major new water aquifer as well as potentially significant oil reserves, also promise to drive economic development.

The country has created a conducive environment for attracting both local and foreign investments into the country.

The detailed information on the Kenyan economy is organized under the following;

Agriculture Sector

Animals and Fisheries Sector

Education Sector

Energy Sector

Financial Sector

Health Sector

ICT and Telecom Sector

Public Sector of Kenya

Real Estate Sector of Kenya

Tourism Sector in Kenya

Transport Sector in Kenya