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Transport System in Abidjan

Abidjan in Ivory Coast is the third-largest French-speaking city in the world, after Paris and Kinshasa with a population of over 4.476 million people and an area of over 2,119 km².   The common means of public transport within the city are as follows:

Taxis (Cabs)

There are two kinds of taxis offering public transport

  • The taxi-meter orange in color available throughout the city, and
  • Woro-woro (private cars with four seats), yellow and green or blue or orange depending on the commune, which are limited to a neighborhood.

Trains and trams

The city is the foothold for the region’s only railway: the Abidjan-Ouagadougou line, with stations in Treichville, Abobo and Adjamé. This line only has two trains, the Gazelle and the Bélier, and links the two capitals in about 40 hours


SOTRA (Abidjan Transport Company) ensure regular urban transportation in Abidjan via bus to different destinations.


Port Bouet Airport has a large capacity that allows it to accommodate all existing large aircraft. Abidjan is located an hour’s flight from all the capitals of the sub-region. Abidjan is served by major airlines in the direction of the great capitals of the world.

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