Attractions in Cote d’Ivore

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
Basilica of Our Lady of Peace (Notre Dame de la Paix) constructed between 1985 and 1989, consecrated by Pope John Paul II on September 10, 1990 which is known to be the world’s largest Christian place of worship.

Lake Kossou
This is the largest Lake created in 1973 in Cote d’Ivore by Kossou Dam generating electricity of more than 176MW and serving over  11,800 homes. 

The national park of Comoé
This park, created in 1968, was initially called Réserve of Bouna because located in the region of Bouna. It is the largest park of West Africa with varied fauna, comprises a population of elephants, buffaloes, lions, hippopotamuses, cynocephali and over 400 birds species.

Ivoire Golf Club
This is located on Boulevard de France, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and is the largest in the country with an 18 hole course.

The aquatic park of the Ehotilé islands
This park is located at the boarder of the Aby lagoon, in the area of Adiaké in the south-east of Cote d’Ivoire. It was created in 1974. It is an aquatic park and a scientific site of research.

This is a traditional area in Abidjan, the heart of the action where bars, nightclubs and restaurants can be found along with the central market. 

Samatiguila Mosque
The mosque in Samatiguila, in the northwest corner of Côte d’Ivoire, is believed to be the nation’s oldest approximately 1000 years old, built of mud, it displays a number of conical columns with wooden beams protruding out of them. The architecture is called ‘Sudanic’.

The Museum of Civilization and Culture is located between Nangui Abrogoua and Carde Boulevards with an ethnographic focus, includes art and scientific displays. The museum’s collections encompass the material culture of the country: masks, statues, furniture, musical instruments, utensils, textiles, archaeological objects, and contemporary and other works.

The Cocody Museum of Contemporary Art (Musee Municipal d’Art Contemporai de Cocody) offers displays of local paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Army Museum (Musee des Armees) located in Abidjani which displays weapons, military decorations and documents.

Beach Resorts
The coastal towns of Assouinde, Assinie and Bassam are famous beach resorts in the Ivory Coast. Assouinde and Assinie are small villages to the east of Abidjan that are home to unspoiled, palm-dotted beaches.

Hôtel Ivoire

Hôtel Ivoire located on Blvd Latrille, Cocody, Abidjan, is one of the premium entertainment zones in West Africa with facilities like 11 tennis courts, swimming pools, casinos, restaurants, grocery stores, nightclubs, sauna and bowling alley.

La Pyramide
La Pyramide is one of most enterprising architectural structures in Abidjan, shaped in the form of a pyramid located on Plateau Immeuble Pyramide, right in the business centre of the city houses a gym and many other offices.

Treichville African Market
This is the largest market in Treichville in Abidjani offering a wide of products including crafts, food, clothing and all Africa Art works.

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