Tourism in Guinea Bissau

Tourism in Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau’s tourism industry is among the less developed in the world though the country is well endowed. The top tourist attractions in Guinea-Bissau are one of the most beautiful places in West Africa, although it is oftentimes overshadowed by Morocco and Mauritius in terms of worldwide popularity.

The government is committed to an orderly development and expansion of the sector to include cultural and eco-tourism in order to maximize the benefits from tourism. The sector provides employment opportunities as well as enhances foreign exchange earnings for the country.

There are number of hotel development projects seeking for joint venture and/or financing including, construction of 5 Star hotels, bar and restaurants and recreation facilities.

However, the immediate investment priority for the sector is in tour operations targeting the Middle-East, U.S. and Europe. Investments in airline operations linking the Guinea Bissau and the targeted destinations have greater potentials and will give impetus to the growth and development of the Guinea Bissau tourism industry.

Regulatory Framework

Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Traditional Arts (MTAA)

Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Traditional Arts (MTAA) is the authority responsible for overseeing tourism in Guinea Bissau.

Tourism in Guinea Bissau has been summarized to include the following

Tourist arrivals

Hotel accommodation

Tourist arrivals in Guinea Bissau

Top Tourist Attractions in Guinea Bissau

Osvaldo Vieira International Airport

CFA BCEAO Franc Exchange Rate (Guinea Bissau)

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