Potential for Investment in Guinea Bissau

Potential for Investment in Guinea Bissau

Tourism Sector

  • 15 tourist zones project, which will extend throughout whole region of the country
  • Opportunities in the national parks and reserves
  • Ecotourism projects
  • Barbeque Port cruise-ship project
  • Sport tourism
  • Fishing tourism
  • Tourist resort projects in the Bijagos Islands
  • Bijagos islands hotels projects
  • Tracking tourist rote projects
  • Cultural tourist projects
  • Conference-tourist hotels in Bissau
  • Tourist resort project in Saltinho


  • Import food
  • Machinery
  • Hospital equipment
  • Textile good
  • Cosmetic good
  • Cars, trucks and jeeps
  • Export cashew nut
  • Export frozen fish
  • Export fruits and vegetables
  • Develop trading centres
  • Export palm oil

ICT Sector

  • Establishment of ICT infrastructure
  • Education in a field of ICT (public and private sector)
  • Sale of Hardware & Software
  • Call Centers for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Wide range of Business Process Outsourcing activities
  • Software development
  • Establishment of ERP infrastructure in large companies
  • E-government
  • Development of Broadband infrastructure


  • Propriety development
  • Construction of resident houses (low cost housing)
  • Industrial houses (light industrial parks, warehousing facilities)
  • Commercial houses
  • Regional and local shopping centres
  • Office accommodation
  • Construction equipment
  • Building materials

Agriculture Sector

  • Production of drinks
  • Wood industry
  • Production of machinery for agriculture purpose
  • Extractive industry
  • Cashew nut
  • Fruits, legumes, production of juice, compote, honey, processing cashew nut
  • Production, processing and exportation of maize and other cereals
  • Processing flour from manioc
  • Production of food for animals
  • Production and processing palm oil for the production of soap
  • Processing and conservation of fish
  • Rehabilitation of different unities for production of oil

Transport Sector

  • Construction of a new port
  • Rehabilitation of port services
  • Management of port services
  • Capacity building for the Guinea-Bissau Maritime Authority
  • Supply of equipment, technical and consultancy services for marine engineering
  • Potential opportunities exist in the form of developing airports to cater for the necessity of the tourism, increasing passenger and the growth of air traffic.
  • Rehabilitation of airports
  • Management of airports
  • Supply of equipment, technical and consultancy services
  • New opportunities for horticultural and fish transport from Bissau to Europe and other African countries

Health Sector

  • Elaboration of the strategy for development of health care
  • Controlling system
  • Services for coordination of financing different activities in regional and sector level
  • Laboratories and hospital equipment
  • Supply of medicaments
  • Material for hospitals
  • Health care services
  • Hospital building projects
  • Private clinic projects

Education Sector

  • Kinder gardens
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Universities and faculties
  • Professional schools
  • Centres for trainings
  • Language schools
  • Adult education
  • School infrastructures
  • Research institutes

Finance Sector

  • Lease Hire
  • Micro-Financing on whole sale basis
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance Services
  • Business Advisory services – trusteeship and Receiverships

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