Investment Guarantees in Guinea Bissau

Investment Guarantees in Guinea Bissau

Guarantees protection of investment includes the following;

  • Non-discriminatory treatment for all projects (national and foreign societies or public and private societies)
  • Guarantee against nationalization and confiscation
  • Labour and management freedom
  • Guarantee for the transfer of profits and capital
  • Investors can benefit from guarantees granted by the terms of the convention that the multilateral Agency for Investment Guarantee (MIGA) creates, and other treats to which Guinea-Bissau is a signatory.

By investing in an important field of business for development of Guinea-Bissau, the companies can benefit some tax reduction of 50% for the 6 years.

Business investment, oriented in exportation, gets back from the government 10% of total value of goods exported in a business year, for 6 years. Also business increasing national production of goods to reduce the importation of such goods from abroad is beneficiary of the same percentage for the mentioned 6 years.

Business investing in know-how and human resources; business protecting the environment and business investment in infrastructure in other small cities (not in the capital) of Guinea-Bissau are investment in important fields for the development of Guinea-Bissau.

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