Top tourist attractions in Guinea

Top tourist attractions in Guinea

Grand Mosquée de Conakry

Grand Mosquée de Conakryis found in Conakry City and it is Africa’s fourth largest mosque with space for 2,500 women on the upper level and 10,000 men on the lower level. There’s extra room for 12,500 more worshippers at the grand esplanade.

Mount Nimba

Mount Nimba is situated within 913 km from Conakry City. It stands at 5,700 feet and it is the highest peak throughout Guinea. The slopes of Mount Nimba are covered with dense forest at the lower levels, with grassy mountain pastures overflow with particularly rich endemic flora and fauna.

Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

The reserve is located on the borders of Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire in Mount Nimba within 913 km from Conakry.  Mount Nimba Nature Reserve is a protected area and UNESCO World Heritage Site in both Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire. The area is known to be rich in flora and fauna, with endemic species such as the viviparous toad, Micropotamogale of Mount Nimba (Micropotamogale lamottei), and chimpanzees that use stones as tools.

Fouta Djallon

Fouta Djallon is located in central Guinea within 431 km from Conakry City. Fouta Djallon consists mainly of rolling grasslands at an elevation of about 900 m The Mountain consists of thick sandstone formations, canyons and valleys. A simple hike up the mountain opens opportunities for sightseeing and trekking.

Cape Verga

Cape Vergais a beach lover’s paradise situated within 225 km away from the city of Conakry. Cape Varga has some of the best beaches in Guinea with Bel Air and Sobane with ample tourist facilities like good water for swimming, fishing, comfy bungalows and options for al fresco sleep outs.

Alcatraz Island Guinea

Alcatraz Island is located northwest of Boke within 300 km from Conakry to the Iles et Tristao Capken. The island is a breeding ground for one of the largest seabird colonies in West Africa. From the island one is able to visit Capken Tristao and enjoy the beautiful beaches and mangrove jungle

Badiar Transboundary National Park

Badiar Transboundary National Park is located within 225 km distance from Conakry, famous in Guinea and crosses the border to Senegal into Niokolokoba Park. The park is approximately 100,000 acres big. The park has wild dogs and other carnivores, a waterfall and beautiful landscape.

Belle Air

Belle Air Plage is located within 7,471 from Conakry and offers one of the most beautifull beaches in Guinea. Air beach provides 7 km of white and silver sand, gentle sea breezes and luxuriant vegetation make it a paradise.  

Bride Veil

Bride Veil is located within 146 km from Conakry and 13 km from Kindia. There are two waterfalls that create a veil of exceptional beauty, whiteness and a stage for cultural dancing, 10 bungalows, a restaurant and bar. With fresh air and gentle sea breeze rich vegetation

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque is the largest mosque in Conakry, surrounded by four green spires. It was constructed by the first President of Guinea, Sierra Leone Gudur Ahmed . The mosque has beautiful gardens and there is a tomb where Guinea heroes were buried.


Carafir is the site of a hydroelectric dam (75 mw), supplying electrical energy to the Low and Medium Guinea. The dam site is famous for its wildlife and flora. The view is beautiful and its waters provide an opportunity for great freshwater fishing.


The capital Conakry is on Tumbo Island and connected with Kaloum Peninsula by a 300 meter long pier. The city is convenient and offers a true African atmosphere with lots of shady streets, interrupted by mangrove bays. There is a Catholic Cathedral built in 1930 and is in the middle of the city.

Mountain Resort

Mountain Resort is located in the heart of Fouta Djalon,Dalaba within 360 km from the capital Conakry. The women of Dalaba dye cotton damask fabric with a richly hued indigo (deep dark blue) in detailed tie-dyed patterns. The place is known for wonderful climate, famous gardens, countless hiking trails and hotels.

Iles de Loos

Îles de Los (Loos Islands) are an island group lying off Conakry in Guinea. There are three main islands: Tamara and Kassa bracket Roume and Cabris to the south. These are located within 7 km from Conakry City. This place has beautiful white sand beaches for relaxation and water sports.

National Museum

National Museum of Guinea is located in the centre of Conakry and holds interesting collection ancient masks, statues, musical instruments. The museum can be reached at the corner of KA.019 and the coast road in Sandervalia quarter. Some of the masks are real gems like the Baga Sorsonè and Loma Gholoyi maskers. 

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