Natural Resources of Guinea

Natural Resources of Guinea

Natural resources in Guinea include;

Mineral Resources

The Guinean subsoil conceals significant deposits of:

Bauxite of 25 billion tons, accounting for the 2/3 of world reserves approximately

Gold of 1000 tons

Diamond of 30 million carats

Water resources

Rainfall in Guinea is between 1,200 and 4,200 mm per year and there are abundant of underground and surface water.


The eastern and southern parts of Guinea are covered with a primary forest of 100,000 square kilometres. In addition, there is also a secondary forest of an area of 40,000 square kilometres.

Hydroelectric Potentials

129 falls which can be developed have been identified. Their hydroelectric potential is 6.11 GW with a probable production of 19,300 GWH.

Sea resources

Its fish resource potential is estimated at 230,000 Tons.


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