Background and Geography of Guinea

Background and Geography of Guinea

Guinea is located on the West African coast, bordered by Sierra Leone and Liberia to the south, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal to the north and Mali and Côte d’Ivoire inland to the east.

Land area of Guinea

Agriculture: 141,800 square kilometres

Forest: 66,522 square kilometres

Water: 140 square kilometres

National Parks: 7,000 square kilometres

Coastal Land: 30,258 square kilometres

Total land area: 245,720 square kilometres


Guinea is divided into 22 provinces with Western (Fly) being the largest covering an area of 99,300 square kilometres and National Capital Province being the smallest covering an area of 240 square kilometres.


Guinea has 4 mountains. Mount Mount Nimba is the highest mountain covering a total area of 1,752 meters

Longest River:

Gambia River 1,130 kilometres

Number of national Parks:

There are 2 national parks with National Park of Upper Niger being the largest covering an area of 6000 square kilometres

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