Ghana Profile

Ghana Profile

Ghana, officially called the Republic of Ghana is located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in West Africa. It is bordered by Burkina Faso to the north, Cote D’lvoire to the west, Togo to the east and Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) to the south. Ghana is the closest landmark to the centre of the world.

Ghana has a total land area of 238,533 km2 with 227,533 km2 land cover and 11,000 km2 water cover. The country has a coastline of 539 km and a population of over 25 million people.

Ghana has a hot and humid tropical climate all year round with average daily ranging between 21° and 32° C.

Ghana is well-endowed with natural resources and agriculture accounts for about a quarter of GDP and employs close to 60% of the people. The service sector accounts for 50% of GDP.Gold and cocoa production and individual remittances are major sources of foreign exchange. Ghana is considered to be the fastest growing economy in Africa and one of the top-ten fastest growing economies in the world.

The official language of Ghana is English.

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