Top tourist attractions in Ghana

Top tourist attractions in Ghana

Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle is located within 147 km from Accra and now it is an excellent museum with information about the history of Ghana as it is one of the most impressive of Ghana’s old forts. The museum includes exhibits on the pre-colonial history of the Central Region.

Elmina and St George’s Castle

Elmina is situated within 12 km west of Cape Coast Castle. This is a world heritage site that houses a small museum. The stark beauty of the white-washed Castle walls contrast deeply with the dark history.  While at the Castle on is able to see Ghanaian style and Colourful pirogues (traditional fishing boats.

National Museum

National Museum is the largest and oldest museums in Ghana located with Accra.  National Museum has wonderful displays about Ghana’s culture which include; art and crafts, musical instruments and the all-important royal Asante stools, Asante gold weights, currency, textiles and leatherwork.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is located in Southern Ghana within a distance of 124 km from Accra and 20 km from Cape Coast. The Park is home to over 40 species of larger mammals including forest elephants, forest buffalo, and civets. The Park walkway offers a unique viewing perspective of the wildlife and unique plants of the forest.

Mole National Park

Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest wildlife park and largest eco-tourism site located in north western Ghana within 686 km from Accra and 170 west of Tamale. The park prides itself with a wide range of wildlife comprising of about 93 species of mammals and over 344 species of birds and 33 spiciest of reptiles.

Kokrobite Beach

Kokrobite is located within 30km from the capital Accra. One of the main attractions here is the excellent Academy of African Music and Art (AAMA) founded by master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy.


Kumasi is the former capital of Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom in southern-central Ghana. Kumasi is Ghana’s second largest city. The Ashanti are famous artisans, their gold jewellery and trinkets are famous throughout the world, as is their Kente cloth and wood-carved stools.

Busua Beach

Busua Beach on the Gold Coast is an exposed beach and reef break that has quite consistent surf located within 18 km from the coast. Offshore winds blow from the north at the beach and waves at the beach break both left and right and a right hand reef break too.

Lake Volta (Volta Lake)

Lake Volta is the largest man-made lake in the world located within 180 km from Accra. The lake is the fourth largest by water volume contained behind the Akosombo Dam with a surface area of about 8,502 km²  and has islands like; Dodi, Kporve and Dwarf

Makola Market

Makola Market is located within Accra City and it was constructed in Accra in 1924. The products sold from this market include; fresh produce, manufactured foods, clothes, shoes, tools, pots, pans and Jewelry made from locally handcrafted beads

The University of Ghana

University of Ghana is the oldest and largest of the thirteen Ghanaian universities and tertiary institutions located within 14 kilometres North of Accra. It was founded in 1948 and has showpiece of Japanese architecture in a tropical setting.

Lake Bosumtwi

Lake Bosumtwi is situated approximately 240 km from Accra and the only natural lake in Ghana and about 30 km south-east of Kumasi and is a popular recreational area.

Boti falls

Situated within 85 km from Accra in a village called Boti in the Manya Krobo district in the Eastern Region embedded at the heart of the forest reserve at huhunya, which is about 17km North-East of Koforidua. It is seasonal with cascades in the immediate surrounding areas. The falls is at its best from June to August.

Larabanga Mosque

Labaragaga is situated within 16 km west of Damongo in the Northern Region and only about 8 km to the Mole National Park. It is a common believe that this mosque is the oldest in Ghana. Even the present generation think it was built by God. The so-called ‘God-built mosque’ also houses a holy koran which also is believed to descend from heaven.


Located 38 km to the north of Accra in the Akwapim Hills. Aburi is now a rest house, built there in the 19th century with Botanical Gardens, planted by British naturalists in colonial days and has subtropical plants and trees.

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