Ghana Vision of 2020

Ghana Vision of 2020

The long-term vision for Ghana is to become a middle-income Country by the year


Objectives of the vision

  • To reduce poverty, increase employment opportunities and average incomes
  • To reduce inequities in order to improve the general welfare and the material well-being of all Ghanaians
  • The long-term vision for Ghana is that by the year 2020 Ghana will have achieved a balanced economy and a middle-income country status and standard of living, with a level of development close to the present level in Singapore.
  • Ghana will have to embrace science and technology as the medium within which to operate.
  • Increasing food production and processing and job creation, would replace the Vision 2020 programme

Important facts:

The vision is only means by which the country’s resources can be used efficiently to achieve rapid economic growth while maintaining the integrity of the environment hinges on the integration of Science and Technology in the various programmes.

Decentralization of Ghana’s public administration system to the district level will make it possible for Districts to take responsibility for their development programmes and resources in line with the Vision 2020 programme.

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