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Transport system in Banjul Gambia

Transport system in Banjul Gambia

Banjul is the capital city of the Gambia in greater Banjul Area. The population of the city is only 34,828. It is situated on an island at the mouth of the Gambia River. The common means of public transport within the city are as follows:


Buses provide an effective and efficient public transportation system that could help in easing the movement of people and most of the time they are cheaper to use when moving around the city and upcountry than private means.

Special Hire Taxis

There are several cars for hiring around the city streets with fare charges.

Shared Taxis

These are mainly in green and yellow in colour and the hire charges are negotiable. These are usually parked near hotels and prices are written on boards but not fixed.


Ferries run regularly between Banjul on the south bank of the river and Barra on the north bank.

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