Libreville Museums

Libreville Museums

Gabon has three museums which are situated in Libreville. These cultural attractions give the details of the history of the country. They include;

National Museum of Arts and Traditions

Avenue du General de Gaulle

P.O.BOX 3115

Libreville, Gabon

Tel: +241 (0)17 614 56


The National Museum of Arts and Traditions is known for its huge collection of cultural masks and tribal crafts. The Arts & Traditions Museum remains as one of the top destinations in Libreville. It offers a good insight into Gabon’s thriving traditional arts scene.

French Cultural Centre

Boulevard Triomphal

P.O. BOX 2103

Libreville, Gabon

Tel: +241 761 120

The French Cultural Centre is venue for musicals, exhibits, recitals, conferences and conventions. Festivals and concerts are also held in the centre.

Gabon National Museum

P.O.BOX 1007

Libreville, Gabon

Tel: +241 761 456

Gabon National Museum is home to many precious Gabonese artifacts. Collections of masks, sculptures, carvings and artworks are displayed and kept in the museum. It is also a venue for gallery exhibits and cultural events.