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Natural Resources in Gabon

Gabon is a resource rich country. Some of the bountiful resources found in Gabon include timber, oil, manganese, Uranium and iron ore as explained below;

Reserves in Oil

Gabon had 3.684 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and the sixth producer in sub Sahara Afraca, following: Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and South Sudan (combined), Equatorial Guinea and Congo (Brazzaville).


Gabon is the largest exporter of raw wood in the region, and its sales represent 20% of Africa’s raw wood exports, famous for hardwoods like okoumé and okan. Gabon is at 80% covered by dense forest, for an area of 22 million hectares

Iron ore

Gabon has significant iron ore reserves, although infrastructure such as railways needs to be constructed in order to develop them. Iron ore deposits are found in the northeast at Belinga where reserves are estimated at 850 Mt.


Gabon produced 1.5 million tons of manganese and the country has reserves in the region of 21 million tons.

National Parks

There are 13 National Parks in Gabon. That is Akanda National Park, Batéké Plateau National Park, Birougou National Park, Crystal Mountains National Park, Ivindo National Park, Loango National Park, Lopé National Park, Mayumba National Park, Minkébé National Park, Moukalaba-Doudou National Park, Mwangné National Park, and National Agency for National Parks, Pongara National Park and Waka National Park.
Gabon is home to western lowland gorillas and nearly 200 other mammal species and 600 species of birds.

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