Investment opportunities in Ethiopia

Investment opportunities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a diverse, vibrant country that has already achieved macro-economic stability due to variable opportunities which exist in various sectors like; agriculture, tourism, mining and education and health sector as seen below;


  • Fruits, vegetables and flowers growing
  • Meat processing
  • Coffee processing
  • Dairy farming and milk processing
  • Raising and fattening of sheep, goat, cattle and camel
  • Fish farming and processing
  • Food processing


  • Processing and preservation of meat and fish products, fruits and vegetables
  • Production and processing of dairy products
  • Manufacturing of starch and starch products
  • Processing of animal feed
  • Cement and other construction materials
  • Pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, pest and fungi-cides, detergents
  • Glass ware and ceramic products


  • Star rated hotels, lodges and restaurants
  • Tour operation
  • Investment in national parks


  • General Contractor Grade One (GC1)
  • Building Contractor Grade One (BC1)
  • Road Contractor Grade One (RC1)
  • Specialized Contractor Grade One (GC1)
  • Water well drilling services (WW1)

Mining and Energy

  • Generating electricity
  • Mining of gold, tantalum, potash, platinum, marble and gem stone


  • Kindergarten and nursery
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Science and technology colleges/ universities
  • Colleges for business and marketing
  • Schools for medical science
  • ICT institutions
  • Vocational training centres
  • Training centre for hospitality industry

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