Potential for investment in Ethiopia

Potential for investment in Ethiopia

Potential for investment in Ethiopia
Fruits, vegetables and flowers growing
Meat processing
Coffee processing
Dairy farming and milk processing
Raising and fattening of sheep, goat, cattle and camel
Fish farming and processing
Food processing
Processing and preservation of meat and fish products, fruits and vegetables
Production and processing of dairy products
Manufacturing of starch and starch products
Processing of animal feed
Cement and other construction materials
Pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, pest and fungi-cides, detergents
Glass ware and ceramic products
Star rated hotels, lodges and restaurants
Tour operation
Investment in national parks
General Contractor Grade One (GC1)
Building Contractor Grade One (BC1)
Road Contractor Grade One (RC1)
Specialized Contractor Grade One (GC1)
Water well drilling services(WW1)
Mining and Energy
Generating electricity
Mining of gold, tantalum, potash, platinum, marble and gem stone
Kindergarten and nursery
Primary and secondary schools
Science and technology colleges/ universities
Colleges for business and marketing
Schools for medical science
ICT institutions
Vocational training centres
Training centre for hospitality industry
Health Sector
General and specialized clinics
General and specialized hospitals
Clinical laboratory
Diagnostic centres

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