Transport system in Asmara Eritrea

Transport system in Asmara Eritrea

Asmara is the capital city of Eritrea located about 115 km south of Massawa with a population of around 649,000 inhabitants and it sits at an elevation of 2,325 metres. The means of transport in the city include;

Shared Taxi

These are also known as yellow cabs. The taxi system is well-arranged and the cars are apparently newer and more modern.


These are used both within the city centre and upcountry. The buses depart from Kidane Meheret Church to Keren and Agordat, then upcountry.


Camels are the national animal in Eritrea. They are normally used for transportation in the city centre, for both goods and people.


Horses are common in Asmara and widely used for transportation. They are considered to be the cheapest means of transport in the city. The hire price is negotiable.


Asmara is good place to use bicycles mainly Chinese bicycles. The terrain is flat and the streets are wide. And the traffic is not that hectic and hiring a bicycle for transport is cheap.


City has railway station in Asmara that connects the city with Massawa and the railway links Agordat and Asmara with the port of Massawa then to Keren which is about 306 km