Top tourist attractions in Eritrea

Top tourist attractions in Eritrea

National Museum Asmara

National Museum Asmara is found in Asmara City close to Selam Hotel. The National Museum Asmara is located in the close proximity of the Selam Hotel. It has a unique identity, the gist of which is neatly synchronized in the National Museum of Asmara. The Museum has kinds of exhibits that is the tombstones from Dalak islands, findings from Adulis and Sabean material

Nda Mariam Othodox Church

Nda Mariam Othodox Church is located in Asmara. The Nda Mariam Othodox is commonly known as Enda Mariam Othodox Church. The main building is composed of three massive elements slightly up the hill which makes it another useful landmark in Asmara with two wooden doors which have frames of red ceramic tesserae.

The Dahlak Marine National Park

Dahlak Marine Park is located in the Northern Red Sea Region of Eritrea. It includes part of the Dahlak archipelago and the surrounding waters. There are more than 350 varieties of fish and divers can even catch a glimpse of wrecked ships in the waters.

Semenawi National Park

Semenawi Park is located within 21 km from Asmara at the foothills of a mountain range as well as in the valleys at average height of 900 m. Leopards, klipspringers, bushbucks; warthog and greater kudum duiker are the common animals inhabiting this national park. There are also a large number of birds in the region.

Dahlak Islands

Dahlak Islands in Eritrea are located within 152 km from Asmara and this is known as ideal location for adventure sports. In the archipelago of two hundred or more islands one is able to see the mangrove trees and coral reefs submerged in coastal waters. The favorite tourist destination in Dahlak Islands is Dekemhare.

Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque

Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque is one of the major tourist attractions and religious places in the city of Asmara. The Mosque is located in the Peace Street of Asmara in the close to the covered markets. The building structure is majestic and visitors are expected to cover their heads and it is mandatory for women to be covered from head to toe if entering the mosque premises.

Asmara zoo

Asmara zoo is located within 3 km south of Asmara City on the road leading to Masawa. The zoo is known as Biet Ghiorgis. The animals found in the zoo are hyenas, baboons, snakes, lions, ostriches and several colorful birds. The zoo in Asmara is full of herbs, plants and variety of cactuses and the surrounding area of the zoo overlooking the valleys and gorges is a nice place for walking with a kids play ground.

Red sea

Red Sea coast stretches for about 1200 km within 552 km from Asmara. The sea has extraordinary marine life, including fishes, colourful coral reefs, dolphins, sea turtles and the sea is known for activities like; swimming, snorkelling and takings walks along the coast.

Mountain Embasoira

Mountain Embasoira is located within 135 km south of the national capital Asmara. This is the highest mountain in Eritrea rising at 3,018 m above sea level and it is part of the Eritrean Highlands, one side of the Great Rift Valley which cuts through Eritrea and joins the Red Sea. The area has juniper forest and fertile agricultural areas, there are substantial areas of lush and native forest dotted around the mountain.

Hawatsu Reservoir and Copse

Hawatsu Reservoir and Copse is located within 40km from Segeneiti and 105 km from Asmara. This place is best for bird watching reservoir species like; Pink backed Pelican, Grey Heron, Black-headed Heron, Hammerkop, Egyptian Goose, Little Grebe, Northern Pintail and European Wigeon