Background and Geography of Eritrea

Background and Geography of Eritrea

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Eritrea is located in North East Africa. It is bordered by Sudan to the north and west, Ethiopia to the south, Djibouti to the south-east and the Red Sea to the north and north-east.

Land area

Agriculture 75,420 square kilometres

Forest 15,496 square kilometres

Water 16,600 square kilometres

Arable Land 6,400 square kilometres

National Parks 3,689 square kilometres

Total Land area 117 600 square kilometres


Eritrea has 69 districts.


Eritrea has ten mountains, Mount Dega is the highest standing at 3,047 meters and Alil’ Mountain is the smallest standing at 2,714 meters

Longest River

Tekeze River with a length of about 755 kilometres

National Parks

The Dahlak Marine National Park and the Semenawi Bahri National Park are the two declared national parks in Eritrea

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