Transport system in Malabo Equatorial Guinea

Transport system in Malabo Equatorial Guinea

Malabo is located on the volcanic island of Bioko and is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Nigeria and west of Cameroon with a population of 185,000. It is a part of the Bioko Island and inhabited by ethnic groups of Bubi, Fang, Igno and Fernandino. The means of transport used in Malabo are as follows;

Shared taxis

Shared taxis are the main form of transportation in Equatorial Guinea. It is a type of shared taxi connecting Malabo with other major towns like Riaba and Luba.


14 sitter minibuses are a common form of public transportation in Equatorial Guinea, but they are perfect for getting around and heading to the outskirts of Malabo and Bata.


Malabo Airport is near the capital has both regional and international connecting flights


A ferry service connects Malabo to Douala and Bata.


Buses are also available to take passengers to different parts of the country.

Special Hire Taxis

Both local and international companies offer special hire services. The international companies operating in the country include Europcar and Avis.