Top tourist attractions in Equatorial Guinea

Top tourist attractions in Equatorial Guinea


Luba is located within 52 km from Malabo City.  The little town situated in the southern side of Bioko Island. This place is well known for very beautiful white sand beaches as Playa Arena Blanca.


Located with 236 km from Malabo on the island of Rio Muni and along a coastal road there are beautiful white sand beaches surrounding Bata City. Is a really pretty city, with beautiful spanish colonial buildings.

Arena Blanca

Arena is located within 40 km from Malabo City. Arena Blanca is the only white beach on Bioko Island. During the dry season thousands of butterflies can be seen.

Bioko Island

Bioko Island is one of the most beautiful and biologically-significant places in all of Africa situated within 40 km from Malabo and 32 km off the coast of Cameroo. It is home to Africa’s greatest concentration of endangered primates and to more than fifty unique species of plants. During the dry season butterflies gather in the rainforest and endangered marine turtles come ashore to nest on the black sand beaches.


Moca is situated in the Moca valley in the southern highlands on the island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea. Moca Valley is home to plenty of natural attractions including Lake Biao, Lake Loreta and the famous Cascades of Moca which house different species of monkeys.

Monte Alen National Park

Monte Alen is located within 288 km from Malabo and it is a protected area of tropical rainforests spanning covering 1,400 sq km. The Park offers a variety of opportunities like; trekking, hiking and wildlife viewing. The forests in the park are home to many species of animals including crocodiles, elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas and jungle trails.

Pico Basile

Pico Basile is highest mountain on the island of Bioko standing at 3,000 m. it is the summit of the largest and highest of three overlapping basaltic shield volcanoes which form the island.


Located on Bioko Island, Ureca has beaches which are attractive especially during dry season when mother turtles arrive on the shores to lay their eggs. Ureca is also a good starting point for jungle hikes to Rio Eola waterfalls and swimming is allowed.

Kongou Falls

Kongou Fall is a massive cataract about 4 km wide located in Ivindo National Park. It is part of the Ivindo River and has a total height of 56 meters. It is the 928th biggest waterfall in the World.
It is known to be the most beautiful waterfall in Central Africa.

River Benito

Benito is a river in Equatorial Guinea situated within 259 km from Malabo. It divides the country roughly along the middle, running east to west. Only this 20 km portion of the river is navigable and the river is used to float logs for forestry operations.