Malabo City

Malabo City


Malabo City is located on the volcanic island of Bioko and is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, south of Nigeria and west of Cameroon. Malabo is situated at the northern side of the island.

History of the city

The city was first founded by the British in 1827, who leased the island from Spain during the colonial period. Named Port Clarence, it was used as a naval station in the effort to suppress the slave trade. Many newly freed slaves were also settled there, prior to the establishment of Liberia as a colony for freed slaves. When the island reverted to complete Spanish control, Malabo was renamed Santa Isabel. It was chosen to replace the mainland city of Bata as the capital of the country in 1969 and was renamed Malabo in 1973 as part of President Francisco Macías Nguema’s campaign to replace European place names with “authentic” African ones.

Population of Malabo City

Malabo City covers an area of 453 km² with an estimated population of over 187,302 people

Transport system of Malabo City

There is Saint Isabel International airport in Malabo that is used as a means of transport into the city and there are ferries to the mainland.

Tourist attractions in Malabo

  • Arena Blanca
  • Lake Biao
  • Lake Loreta
  • Monte Alen National Park
  • Pico Basile
  • Pico Malabo volcano
  • Nuevo Estadio de Malabo


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