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Transport system in Cairo Egypt

Transport system in Cairo Egypt

Transport in Cairo comprises an extensive road network, rail system and subway system for the more than 15.2 million inhabitants of the city. Cairo is the hub of almost the entire Egyptian transport network and the city covers an area of 453 km². The transport system is as follows;


Cairo’s bus system consists of a number of different lines of service.

Share Taxis

Both are privately run by individuals. The Micro-buses are the cheapest form of transport in Cairo with six sitters. Different routes have different charges and they stop on all stations collecting passengers.

Special Hire Taxis

The new yellow taxis offer a more reliable, luxurious and advanced taxi service in modern air-conditioned cars operating in Cairo, Giza and Qalyuba. There are various stage for the taxis and their prices are negotiable.


The city has an extensive subway system that runs on a regular and reliable schedule. The subway trains run every six minutes during both the winter and the summer.

Cairo Metro

Cairo has two metro lines that extend vertically and horizontally across the city. The metro system runs efficiently. It is without doubt the quickest and cheapest way to transverse the city.

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