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Natural resources in Egypt

Natural resources in Egypt

The natural resources of Egypt include the following;

Oil and Gas

The country has   37 billion barrels proven potential of oil and there still room to prove more as there a number of  uncharted areas.


These include iron ore, phosphate, limestone, manganese, talc, zinc, asbestos and gypsum.


Bees have been kept by Egypt since ancient times for the production of wax and honey for medicinal base and as a sweetener

Papyrus Plant

The country makes papers from papyrus growing along River Nile

River Nile

 The water of river Nile is used for agriculture, fishing and production of hydroelectric power.

National parks

Egypt has seven National Parks which include; Ras Mohamed National Park, Taba Protectorate and St Katherine’s Protectorate, Mount Sinai National Park, Wadi El Rayan Protected Area, Lake Burullus Protected Area, Ashtum El Gamil Protected Area

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