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Background and geography of Egypt

Background and geography of Egypt

Egypt is located in the North-Eastern and South-Western corners of Africa and Asia respectively. It is bounded to the North by the Mediterranean Sea, from the East by Palestine and Israel, from the South by Sudan and from the West by Libya.

Land Area in Egypt

Agriculture                  35,380 square kilometres

Forest                          702 square kilometres

Water                          6,000 square kilometres

Desert              920,000 Square kilometres

National Park              33,368 Square kilometres

Total Land area           995,450 square kilometres


There are twenty seven provinces in Egypt. Matruh with 2,492 square kilometres is the largest province followed by Buhayrah with 2,357 square kilometres. Ismailiyah with an area of 246 square kilometres is the smallest pronvince


Egypt has ten mountains Mount Catherine which is 2,642 meters is the highest and Mout Jabal al Azraq is the smallest with 2,297 meters.

Longest River:  River Nile

Largest Lake: Lake Nasser (5,250 square kilometres)

National Parks: Egypt has eighteen national Parks with Ras Muhammad National Park being the biggest.

Source of information is cited from Investment Database Africa

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